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Here's what rhymes with exposures.

closures croziers enclosures inclosures disclosures foreclosures

Consider these alternatives

concentrations / relations exposed / most toxicity / activity ionizing / rising minimize / size radiation / operation liabilities / abilities contamination / information subprime / time occupational / educational uv / use mitigate / great defaults / towards ultraviolet / violet pesticides / rights minimizing / rising fluctuations / relations systemic / academic dose / close prenatal / fatal correlated / created accumulation / relation borrower / follower

Words that almost rhyme with exposures

posers loafers drovers rovers gophers gofers composers grocers clovers disposers flyovers imposers proposers greengrocers

donors poachers stokers boaters bowlers jokers pokers toners boners chokers dopers stoners voters motors boulders brokers lowers posters rollers smokers blowers goers rotors rowers loaders mowers throwers bowlders floaters homers loners strollers boasters combers sowers toasters bloaters jodhpurs sobers dotards ropers loaners moaners soldiers shoulders holders folders growers bolsters coasters pollsters decoders gaolers molders moulders roasters showgirls smoulders snowbirds smolders gropers hoaxers controllers promoters beholders clothiers loanwords upholders encoders holsters impostures playgoers imposters comptrollers glowworms misnomers roadsters pardoners provokers snowblowers echinoderms interlopers nonsmokers moviegoers pawnbrokers nonvoters servomotors concertgoers racegoers officeholders placeholders theatregoers paternosters marathoners flamethrowers titleholders winegrowers policyholders
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