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Here's what rhymes with explosions.


Consider these alternatives

explosion / chosen bomb / on detonations / relations exploded / noted grenade / made fires / requires mortar / order detonation / education grenades / states loud / out fire / higher detonated / indicated smoke / spoke sporadic / dramatic mortars / orders explosive / roses attack / back simultaneous / cutaneous raids / states crashes / massive shells / self quakes / makes

Words that almost rhyme with explosions

lotions notions motions potions emotions promotions devotions demotions commotions

blowguns rowans locals slogans tokens reopens rotas rowels approaches nobles theologians totals aromas betokens mobiles modals sodas vocals moguls abdomens boas codas comas roentgens astrolabes coronals donas doses poses quotas reproaches diplomas pagodas sofas cobras ennobles hopefuls socials violas debouches novas polkas cognomens proposals lymphomas kimonos mongrels protozoans begonias emboldens asphodels cocoas gladiolas samosas imposes carcinomas disposals mimosas supernovas magnolias superimposes
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