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Here's what rhymes with explored.

lord roared board cord poured sword ward bored chord ford soared gourd hoard horde fjord floored cored gored pored warred shored toward record afford reward stored aboard accord award scored adored deplored implored abhorred unexplored overlord sward succored ignored restored overboard untoward storyboard fiberboard checkerboard motherboard clavichord paperboard underscored harpsichord greensward fingerboard plasterboard smorgasbord

Consider these alternatives

explore / your explores / course explorations / relations possibilities / abilities themes / seems exploration / operation unexplored / called imagined / happened expeditions / conditions discussing / nothing ways / days documented / presented examine / planning expedition / position topic / logic debated / dated implications / relations theories / series perspectives / objectives investigated / indicated intriguing / speaking

Words that almost rhyme with explored

sprawled drawled called court short sort port fort porch bald hauled torch walled crawled forge gorge tort warp scrawled wart balled bawled galled mauled floret report support fault salt recalled resort sport absorb halt vault appalled malt quart thwart abort stalled enthralled extort snort adsorb deport scald scorch assort assault default import installed escort basalt consort distort exhort athwart overhauled comport disgorge forecourt cavort contort transport exalt gestalt reabsorb thunderbolt somersault davenport

broad longed wronged laud logged yawned pronged formed abroad belonged warned fraud paused forged warmed dawned flawed stormed thronged applaud clogged dogged horned mod mourned sawed spawned baud clawed gnawed gorged thawed corned daubed jawed pawed pawned bawd fawned whorled performed absorbed prolonged adorned deformed reformed adsorbed scorned catalogued defraud swarmed forewarned preformed informed conformed overawed unformed engorged malformed disgorged guffawed unreformed transformed uniformed reabsorbed unadorned outperformed uninformed misinformed
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