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Here's what rhymes with expansions.

Consider these alternatives

renovations / relations additions / conditions upgrades / states consolidations / relations revisions / conditions improvements / movements relocations / relations acquisitions / conditions alterations / relations reorganizations / relations modifications / relations restorations / relations iterations / relations renovation / information annexations / relations undergone / long overhauls / force modernisation / information innovations / relations undertaken / taken necessitated / stated modernizations / relations consolidation / operation

Words that almost rhyme with expansions

passions channels fractions panels barons canons factions rations fashions mansions abandons bastions cannons cantons canyons chaplains captions extractions plantains talons branches happens passes reactions chances companions battles dances patches sanctions attractions barrels candles captains examines gallons handles wagons ballads cabins sandals scandals stanzas batches dragons famines flanges paddles ranches waggons baffles infractions mantles splashes tackles tassels masses taxes gases interactions mammals matches travels battalions camels castles catches contractions granules practise abstractions bananas distractions imagines rapids vassals assassins grandsons saddles salads shackles cancels damsels medallions rascals rattles tangles classes examples samples advances transactions glasses grasses capsules satisfactions alternations gravels scratches antacids benefactions brambles enamels rambles scaffolds shambles molasses circumstances
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