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Here's what rhymes with erroneous.

felonious harmonious ceremonious acrimonious inharmonious parsimonious unceremonious disharmonious sanctimonious

Consider these alternatives

incorrect / effect misleading / leading untrue / you mistaken / taken unfounded / confounded correct / effect unsubstantiated / dated false / force biased / highest misguided / decided conclusions / institutions illogical / logical assertions / persons misinformation / information assertion / person unwise / size unjustified / side distorted / supported exaggerated / stated fallacious / basis irresponsible / responsible unwarranted / warranted wrong / long factual / contractual misconstrued / food flawed / thought incomplete / complete omissions / conditions

Words that almost rhyme with erroneous

copious loneliness coleus holiness melodious cosiness coziness nosiness gaucheness doziness associates commodious dissociates opprobrious ghostliness folksiness mouldiness defoliates moldiness defoliants unholiness exfoliates incommodious disassociates
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