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prises apprises advises surprises dieses baptizes assizes devises authorises mobilizes revises chastises fertilizes polarizes reprises empathizes idolizes naturalizes terrorizes tyrannizes pelvises burglarizes urbanizes realizes analyzes utilizes authorizes disguises catalyzes despises surmises apologizes generalizes neutralizes paralyzes sympathizes capitalizes energizes internalizes jeopardizes penalizes satirizes theorizes vaporizes depolarizes immobilizes ionizes mortises brutalizes centralizes itemizes modernizes moralizes publicizes tantalizes vitalizes atomizes digitizes immunizes liberalizes canalizes clevises plagiarizes pressurizes temporizes deputizes epidermises lionizes moisturizes televises bastardizes channelizes nasalizes palatalizes vandalizes barbarizes colorizes federalizes ghettoizes militarizes novelizes passivizes pasteurizes amortises concertizes glamourizes moisturises notarizes glamourises motorizes pasteurises summarizes organizes crystallizes dramatizes epitomizes supervises advertises synthesizes visualizes actualizes categorizes equalizes hydrolyzes initializes localizes normalizes optimizes sensitizes colonizes eulogizes fantasizes marginalizes monopolizes volatilizes agonizes hybridizes legalizes memorizes personalizes signalizes sterilizes victimizes vocalizes analogizes anatomizes civilizes demonizes factorizes feminizes finalizes italicizes nationalizes politicizes popularizes scandalizes serializes aggrandizes amortizes devitalizes glamorizes globalizes mechanizes ostracizes privatizes traumatizes vulgarizes advertizes cannibalizes capsulizes deodorizes evangelizes exorcizes fossilizes routinizes sermonizes anglicizes automatizes demobilizes miniaturizes monetizes pressurises reauthorizes alkalizes catheterizes depressurizes unitizes miniaturises anodizes euthanizes westernizes supersizes compromises criticizes maximizes harmonizes oxidizes antagonizes legitimizes materializes rationalizes subsidizes formalizes humanizes metastasizes prioritizes standardizes synchronizes trivializes demoralizes externalizes familiarizes individualizes magnetizes particularizes revitalizes systematizes canonizes criminalizes customizes decentralizes fictionalizes homogenizes radicalizes regularizes rhapsodizes sentimentalizes carbonizes editorializes fraternizes mythologizes secularizes solemnizes alphabetizes apostatizes caramelizes circularizes extemporizes plasticizes reanalyzes sanitizes anthologizes attitudinizes hospitalizes vulcanizes collateralizes decolonizes demonetizes emotionalizes parenthesizes unionizes accessorizes demilitarizes womanizes elasticizes lobotomizes depressurises liquidizes hypothesizes scrutinizes overemphasizes reorganizes stigmatizes dehumanizes disorganizes memorializes philosophizes romanticizes soliloquizes anathematizes anesthetizes depersonalizes desensitizes recrystallizes schematizes democratizes depoliticizes industrializes intellectualizes tranquilizes tranquillizes anaesthetizes demagnetizes overgeneralizes proselytizes sensationalizes acclimatizes collectivizes denationalizes bureaucratizes recolonizes recapitalizes overcapitalizes conceptualizes internationalizes legitimatizes conventionalizes professionalizes psychoanalyzes decriminalizes contextualizes compartmentalizes photosynthesizes departmentalizes

Consider these alternatives

firms / terms ventures / members corporations / relations enterprise / size invest / best subsidiaries / varies entities / identities institutions / solutions corporation / operation agricultural / cultural overseas / these technological / logical subsidiary / very competitiveness / repetitiveness

Words that almost rhyme with enterprises

rices lysis splices overprices decisive suffices divisive merchandises incisive indecisive aggrandises sacrifices propagandises

obliges risings writings linings tidings filings lightnings sightings firings sidings pilings vikings signings hidings whitings interlinings smirches findings windings bindings strivings hirelings besmirches disobliges undecideds
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