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Here's what rhymes with endeavored.

endeavoured severed levered

Consider these alternatives

strived / received strove / both endeavoring / measuring striven / given vainly / mainly schemed / seemed strive / live exhorted / imported systematize / size arrogated / dated temerity / therapy secularize / size conceptualize / size unceasingly / increasingly humanize / size reestablish / establish popularize / size wherewithal / small implored / called reformulate / late acquaint / change conspire / fire endeavouring / measuring acquiesced / best exhort / called ingratiate / state

Words that almost rhyme with endeavored

tethered measured desert treasured weathered feathered pressured pleasured unmeasured remeasured

bettered checkered chequered peppered petard shepherd tempered engendered tendered gestured indentured leopard lettered fettered pestered tenured rendered centered ventured sheltered censured lectured censored textured unfettered unlettered festered mentored headword vectored hectored remembered surrendered westward conjectured leftward adventured uncensored sweltered sequestered dismembered unremembered transgendered northwestward southwestward
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