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Here's what rhymes with encode.

code goad mode road showed load node rode glowed rowed sewed toad towed lode lowed mowed toed bode corrode crowed hoed woad flowed abode slowed erode stowed unload decode snowed commode episode bestowed strode nematode highroad reload explode overload overrode radioed bestrode overflowed

Consider these alternatives

bytes / rights synthesize / size encapsulate / late isoforms / forms genes / means transmit / which transcribe / right modulate / discombobulate byte / might decoded / noted nucleotides / types splicing / driving uncompressed / best algorithms / conditions bits / its identifiers / desires embed / said splice / price

Words that almost rhyme with encode

coat coach cope goat cote hope note wrote boat scope vote rope globe lobe pope quote soap robe moat dope encroach rote groat grope mote roach doge dote gloat tote loge lope mope poach slope throat float probe smote syncope trope broach connote inchoate elope bloat earlobe approach remote denote devote envelope anecdote afloat overcoat petticoat endoscope greatcoat rewrote strobe topcoat promote reproach telescope antidote isotope waistcoat antelope creosote periscope ferryboat motorboat underwrote microscope horoscope stethoscope gyroscope cantaloupe riverboat oscilloscope stereoscope misanthrope kaleidoscope spectroscope electroscope heliotrope radioisotope

cold gold combed told hold closed sold imposed bold fold rolled clothed enclosed enrolled mould posed mold groaned loaned cloned domed inclosed loathed moaned nosed phoned polled roamed robed scold toned boned dozed holed honed intoned lobed wold zoned bowled doled enfold foamed roved soled tolled homed poled opposed unfold enthroned probed stoned untold atoned cajoled unrolled unsold bemoaned droned paroled roadbed scrolled unclothed apposed cuckold supposed composed exposed disposed behold disclosed twofold uphold deposed strolled withhold consoled extolled reposed condoned dethroned disowned resold retold unopposed fathomed honeycombed proposed controlled manifold foretold interposed telephoned fourfold foreclosed patrolled prorogued unexposed postponed decomposed uncontrolled transposed indisposed superposed undisclosed superimposed juxtaposed predisposed presupposed misdiagnosed stranglehold
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