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Here's what rhymes with enclosure.

closure inclosure crozier nosher disclosure exposure composure foreclosure nondisclosure overexposure discomposure underexposure

Consider these alternatives

enclosed / most walled / called fenced / against cages / native sanctuary / very fortification / education fence / sense gate / great surrounded / founded walls / course earthen / person encloses / roses zoo / who enclose / those erected / expected palisade / made roofed / used cage / age fortified / side outer / powder adjoining / joining stockade / made sluice / use surrounds / pounds aviary / very cloister / oyster

Words that almost rhyme with enclosure

closer clover grocer grosser loafer rover loather moreover kosher gopher drover poser allover gofer gaucher imposer flyover composer proposer greengrocer disposer

lower roller rotor grower loader kroner kronor loner cloture rower roper groper loaner motor solar donor polar slower sober broker voter poker knower moder blower bowler encoder mower coder dolor gaoler goer joker poacher sower thrower toner clothier floater homer roaster boater choker comber bloater boner doper doter droller honer moaner proner moper shoulder soldier holder folder boulder colder nobler poster bolder smoker coaster remoter moulder stoker stroller toaster boaster molder roadster bowlder hoaxer stoner cajoler jolter coaxer plonker moldier molter mouldier moulter intoner bipolar controller promoter bolster mediocre sarcoma comptroller decoder holster imposture misnomer interloper pawnbroker imposter playgoer pollster smolder smoulder pardoner marathoner provoker ignobler nonvoter snowblower winegrower goldener beholder locomotor psychomotor sensorimotor unipolar upholder nonsmoker moviegoer upholster concertgoer telephoner racegoer vasomotor arteriolar oculomotor placeholder servomotor flamethrower transpolar reupholster officeholder paternoster theatregoer titleholder policyholder
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