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Here's what rhymes with efficiencies.

deficiencies inefficiencies

Consider these alternatives

profitability / stability maximize / size maximizing / rising productivity / activity improvements / movements maximise / price efficient / sufficient consolidations / relations optimise / price advantages / disadvantages achieve / leave optimizing / rising optimize / size scalability / ability wring / in synergistic / characteristic squeezing / even operational / educational maximising / living consolidation / operation flexibility / ability interoperability / stability automation / education disadvantages / advantages

Words that almost rhyme with efficiencies

exigencies villainies similes symphonies tyrannies litanies sympathies affinities divinities asymmetries epiphanies infinities bigotries facilities abilities aborigines dignities iniquities malignancies civilities delinquencies trilogies trinities disabilities hostilities utilities contingencies festivities conspiracies antipathies antitheses indignities facsimiles stupidities inabilities debilities incivilities asininities activities possibilities liabilities antiquities declivities acclivities nativities capabilities impossibilities captivities readabilities probabilities proclivities implausibilities collectivities improbabilities responsibilities incompatibilities
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