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depends extends descends intends recommends spends attends defends pretends suspends expends portends friends tends trends amends bends blends contends transcends ascends commends offends sends lends apprehends comprehends

Words that almost rhyme with dividends

presidents discontents penitents intents descents extents ferments dissents repents events represents prevents tents laments dents invents resents ascents assents gents cents rents temps consents scents vents malcontents misrepresents

despairs parallels overheads beds stairs declares hotels repairs stems threads upstairs downstairs prepares spells spreads tens pens dens gens impairs shreds spares stares breads dreads impels overwhelms repels sleds treads watersheds affairs ourselves heads tears tells bears lens pairs prayers bells chairs squares compares begs cleanse compels condemns dares dwells gels gems hens questionnaires sheds smells swells theorems belles cartels dregs flares millionaires organelles pears pegs reds snares swears unawares welds arrowheads excels glens motels scares spectres tares themselves cells says legs shares cares shells theirs wells hairs realms sells selves shelves wares wears yourselves fairs fares hares mares morphemes thoroughfares webs yells farewells
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