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Here's what rhymes with divergence.

emergence resurgence convergence submergence reemergence

Consider these alternatives

correlation / relation gradient / radiant variability / stability morphological / logical inequality / quality generalization / relation polarization / organization lineages / ambilineages variation / relation implies / size deviations / relations phylogenetic / magnetic evolutionary / very similarity / therapy approximation / information disagreement / agreement derivation / education correlations / relations deviation / relation hybridization / education polarity / therapy equation / operation heterogeneity / deity speciation / relation

Words that almost rhyme with divergence

surgeons virgins disturbance burdens curtains turbans inadvertence neurosurgeons

service surface servants versus circuits furnace circus hermits syrups thermos serifs nervous currents occurrence surplus firmness observance deterrence insurgents serous serpents dermis detergents turnips turrets worships currants disservice stirrups surplice purlieus shirtless purpose purchase merchants recurrence worthless nearness sternness wordless dearness deterrents dolorous perverseness diarists innervates kerchiefs resurface sourness terseness clearness transference concurrence epidermis alertness disbursements dexterous inertness tuberous coinsurance interprets repurchase indecorous undercurrents metallurgists malodorous multipurpose reimbursements
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