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Here's what rhymes with disruption.

eruption irruption corruption interruption

Consider these alternatives

disrupted / interrupted delays / days minimise / price outage / shouted minimize / size shutdown / touchdown cancellations / relations havoc / idiopathic severe / will inconveniences / conveniences affected / expected instability / stability affect / effect upheaval / medieval cause / was unrest / best mitigate / great widespread / said

Words that almost rhyme with disruption

discussion destruction suction luncheon shrunken yeomen gumption lumpen roughen function someone assumption instruction reduction sudden button cousin dozen induction deduction dysfunction junction presumption drunken expulsion summon dungeon emulsion mutton repulsion resumption seduction sullen sultan sunken disjunction muslin revulsion avulsion fuckin globin bludgeon escutcheon glutton gulden gunman impulsion muffin coven dudgeon toughen bunion mullion piton scullion scutcheon nubbin grunion dubbin kuchen production obstruction injunction abduction percussion tungsten perdition propulsion exciton subduction dustpan decagon dustman stuntman biathlon construction consumption introduction conduction compulsion androgen concussion convulsion malfunction transduction huntsman repercussion liposuction unbutton caparison conjunction reproduction combustion deconstruction compunction overproduction semicolon ragamuffin bellybutton reconstruction reintroduction misconstruction underproduction
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