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Here's what rhymes with discerning.

learning burning turning yearning churning returning darning concerning overturning

Consider these alternatives

connoisseur / her jaded / stated pleasing / leaving astute / food perceive / leave uninitiated / dated clientele / well perceiving / leaving viewer / fewer impatient / patient beheld / help empathetic / magnetic shrewd / food readers / leaders

Words that almost rhyme with discerning

affirming vermin squirming confirming reaffirming

searching serving deserving hurting herding hurling surging deferring surfing verging shirking working emerging nursing referring disturbing stirring asserting inserting preferring sterling wording curling cursing curving diverting exerting lurking merging reserving reversing whirling dispersing diverging jerking purging rehearsing swirling averting chirping curbing deterring flirting hurtling immersing inferring inverting reverting skirting thirsting birthing disbursing lurching perching perverting purring scourging smirking spurring spurting swerving whirring yearling observing occurring preserving bursting recurring traversing blurring incurring researching alerting twirling undeserving usurping coercing perturbing twittering converting conferring converging conversing conserving reworking manuring subverting unswerving transferring concurring disconcerting
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