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Here's what rhymes with deserves.

serves curves nerves reserves swerves observes preserves conserves

Consider these alternatives

deserved / first praise / days consideration / education respect / effect everybody / body appreciates / states accorded / rewarded cares / self nobody / be think / link everyone / one knows / those appreciate / state truly / newly admiration / operation else / self accolades / states enjoys / boys does / of whoever / never whatever / never opportunity / unity

Words that almost rhyme with deserves

serfs births berths girths rebirths stillbirths

firms hers thirds verbs herds ferns furs firs sherds discerns defers hurls hewers terms words girls birds turns learns affirms burns germs pearls worms curls spurs disturbs stirs whorls curbs infers terns yearns burghs curds curs deters potsherds seigneurs slurs sperms swirls whirls bergs churns spurns sterns occurs refers returns worlds prefers recurs blurs incurs chauffeurs liqueurs sojourns adjourns corms fakirs concerns confirms confers reaffirms seabirds voyageurs messieurs overturns shorebirds transfers amateurs concurs connoisseurs saboteurs schoolgirls gymnosperms angiosperms hummingbirds subalterns litterateurs entrepreneurs
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