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Here's what rhymes with decrepit.

Consider these alternatives

dilapidated / dated decaying / saying antiquated / created overcrowded / doubted outmoded / noted modernize / size creaking / speaking renovate / state decayed / made modernise / peace inefficient / sufficient squalid / knowledge disrepair / their ageing / dying drab / at debilitated / dated dormitories / stories modernizing / rising

Words that almost rhyme with decrepit

legit wretched debit tepid leaded geddit dreaded bedded fretted wetted netted whetted vetted betted breaded jetted sledded regretted abetted sweated gazetted coquetted cossetted stetted embedded beheaded imbedded brevetted bayonetted facetted pirouetted towheaded vignetted retreaded silhouetted sulphuretted ricochetted

respite prelate garret relished cesspit rarebit desperate cherished perished appellate chemist fairest leftist stellate blemished reddest bedsit crenellate checklist sexist unblemished chairlift deadest tessellate unfairest embellished replenished centrist tumescent spendthrift clarinetist homogenised nonsexist
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