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Here's what rhymes with decedent.

Consider these alternatives

donee / me grantee / be heirs / self bailee / be reinstitution / solution waqfs / quays legatee / be spouse / house

Words that almost rhyme with decedent

regent deepened sweetened cheapened steepened neatened unsweetened

sealant recent decent leant sicut piquant seulement theist seafront sheerest reedit shiest serest secret frequent indecent weakest keenest meanest peanut chiefest defilement sequenced benignant licit bafflement sapient meekest reshipped leanest serenest realest sleekest liefest sliest treatment agreement achievement deepest disagreement bereavement cheapest impeachment infrequent sentient sweetest appeasement leaflet antient briefest machinist mendicant steepest tliat cleanest disablement neatest bleakest fleetest preachment wiliest beguilement beechnut meagerest messiest puniest obscenest laciest pastiest mousiest convenient concealment mistreatment enfeeblement impalement insentient orthopedist gaudiest pointillist discreetest orthopaedist revilement cajolement gamiest regalement chariest fruitiest scaliest tangiest woodenest pretreatment ennoblement enjambement paltriest corniest sultriest mangiest uncleanest untidiest crispiest unwariest inconvenient maltreatment underachievement pantomimist wintriest unhandiest inconvenienced completest unloveliest unmanliest intercollegiate
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