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Here's what rhymes with custody.

Consider these alternatives

detained / obtained arrest / best remanded / advantage detainees / these jail / male interrogated / dated freed / need suspect / subject bail / male apprehended / presented deportation / operation extradition / position authorities / minorities prison / given tortured / ordered remand / hand incarcerated / dated deported / reported interrogation / education court / called detainee / me detain / main police / peace prosecution / solution hearing / feeling indicted / divided extradited / decided

Words that almost rhyme with custody

gustily lustily crustily subtly gluttony huskily lustfully fuzzily tussocky company subtlety clumsily luckily musketry sulkily frontally hummocky ruggedly trustfully funnily huffily lovelies lustrously muddily suddenly accompany hungrily puppetry bloodily culpably grumpily unctuously pluckily lovably stuffily husbandry uncomfortably consultancy slovenly unluckily compulsorily deductively drunkenly pungency wondrously exultantly bloodlessly curmudgeonly punditry reluctantly incumbency perfunctorily sumptuously ineluctably distrustfully pungently ebulliently mistrustfully abundantly redundancy triumphantly tumultuously indulgently redundantly presumptuously
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