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Words that almost rhyme with crutches

grudges drudges trudges judges rubbish nudges smudges adjudges sluttish begrudges fudges budges ablative dhotis prejudges analogise fricative vocative misjudges mutative lenitive transitive appositive

crushes crunches brushes lunches trusses flushes gushes gulches pluses brunches cruxes plusses scrunches klutzes buses fluxes plunges punches comings hunches buzzes lunges maces fusses logins mulches truncheons flophouses munches musses shushes fuzzes ingresses keypunches susses airbuses wusses pulses cuttings couplings bulges nothings entices bludgeons muggings puffins rubbings rustlings salines rebuses drubbings muggins contuses putzes indulges sulphides ducklings hustings repulses sucklings buntings buskins divulges influxes convulses cuspidors ablatives expunges nubbins rhombuses curmudgeons iambuses punkins thumpings munchkins nimbuses incubuses dumplings aspirins buckskins dustbins minibuses upswings vocatives trolleybuses unbinds consumptives appositives transitives subjunctives overindulges
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