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Here's what rhymes with crisp.

lisp wisp

Consider these alternatives

bright / right slices / prices nicely / precisely cool / school browned / found warm / form breezy / easy bacon / taken fruity / beauty tasty / safety smooth / use

Words that almost rhyme with crisp

list wrist grist lift missed kissed mist cyst fist rift gist hissed pissed schist hist whist tryst exist gift shift wished assist resist drift twist enlist fished thrift sift dished egoist shrift whizzed consist insist persist swift adrift desist outlived sniffed sophist relived dismissed coexist subsist reminisced relativist positivist

grip lip clip limp rip imp crimp ship trip slip tip hip chip dip whip drip flip shrimp sip zip nip pimp scrip pip quip strip equip skip snip clerkship leadership ownership fellowship scholarship authorship readership outstrip dealership battleship consulship fingertip membership partnership censorship workmanship chairmanship editorship governorship stewardship generalship internship receivership seamanship directorship showmanship relationship dictatorship sponsorship professorship discipleship penmanship salesmanship landownership citizenship apprenticeship companionship championship craftsmanship partisanship secretaryship proprietorship statesmanship sportsmanship
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