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Here's what rhymes with crafted.

grafted drafted shafted redrafted

Consider these alternatives

conceived / received designed / find calibrated / created crudely / absolutely orchestrated / dated woven / chosen compromise / size handmade / made

Words that almost rhyme with crafted

fasted lambasted flabbergasted simulcasted

ratted anted acrid chanted matted panted rabid rancid batted platted canted slatted flatted draughted dratted tatted vatted exacted ravaged flaccid recanted vapid redacted scanted splatted scatted implanted banded branded enchanted packaged compacted channelled salvaged decanted detracted reenacted replanted sanded combatted savaged descanted overacted flannelled protracted subtracted counteracted transacted advantaged calcined remanded overreacted euthanised underacted copycatted highhanded offhanded recontacted unhanded marinaded disbanded transplanted unchallenged disenchanted mismanaged husbanded shorthanded barehanded micromanaged overhanded disadvantaged reprimanded evenhanded underhanded openhanded grandstanded
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