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Here's what rhymes with congenitally.


Consider these alternatives

asymptomatic / dramatic undereducated / indicated supernaturally / naturally preternaturally / naturally unnoticeable / noticeable discomforted / comforted intellectually / effectually myopic / logic incapable / capable occupationally / operationally irremediably / immediately

Words that almost rhyme with congenitally

maritally definitely delicacy genuinely intentionally conventionally delicately plentifully perilously sensually tenuously desultorily impenetrably venomously eventually inevitably indefinitely gentlemanly unintentionally sedulously telegraphy creditably petulantly textually sensuously technocracy garrulously obsessionally celibacy professionally irrevocably relevancy intelligibly relevantly tremulously inequitably querulously resonantly unconventionally credulously objectionably nebulously unprofessionally decadently decadency presidency exceptionally unquestionably affectionately incredulously benevolently negligibly irrelevancy irrelevantly questionably malevolently unintelligibly bidirectionally discreditably mellifluously unexceptionally selenography preeminently unexceptionably expressionlessly
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