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Here's what rhymes with comorbid.


Consider these alternatives

psychoses / roses arthrogryposis / diagnosis phobias / copious somatoform / form schizoaffective / effective temporomandibular / oromandibular atopic / logic hypothyroidism / given amblyopia / myopia psychopathological / logical haematological / logical hypermobility / ability paraphilias / serious

Words that almost rhyme with comorbid

boarded sordid torpid corded forded lorded malted horded afforded awarded shortage halted thwarted vaulted salted contorted cordage portage comported reported supported recorded exported deported unsalted distorted disported desalted discorded transported reexported

horrid torrid warbled florid chorused coarsened portioned gourmand bobbled snorkelled saunaed haunted shortened softened apportioned quarreled chortled cordoned dawdled lofted portaged warmblooded garotted porpoised applauded broadened frosted fondled exhausted proportioned reapportioned foreshortened defrosted
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