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mission commission admission emission ignition omission fission addition condition edition permission recognition ambition submission clinician remission attrition magician technician audition position opposition physician petition suspicion coalition intuition nutrition partition musician tuition apparition fruition sedition volition apposition contrition dentition patrician rendition logician definition tradition competition composition transition transmission acquisition abolition ammunition exhibition inhibition politician imposition admonition demolition erudition intermission manumission rhetorician theoretician expedition proposition repetition deposition exposition prohibition superstition supposition requisition inquisition precondition disquisition electrician premonition disposition decomposition malnutrition mathematician preposition extradition interposition redefinition superposition obstetrician pediatrician statistician juxtaposition transposition indisposition presupposition superimposition predisposition

Consider these alternatives

neuroscience / science physiological / logical behavioural / hehavioural embodied / copied reasoning / seasoning auditory / story neurobiology / quality underlie / lie rationality / personality computational / educational psychology / quality physiology / quality communicative / uncommunicative probabilistic / characteristic intuition / position stimuli / lie morphological / logical neurophysiology / quality computation / operation plasticity / activity brain / main phenomenology / quality visualization / relation integrative / native affective / effective correlated / created

Words that almost rhyme with cognition

given vision listen arisen risen riven driven prison rhythm collision incision excision derision envision stiffen decision division revision forgiven prism schism egoism imprison logarithm striven mechanism provision algorithm organism precision communism optimism circumcision modernism dogmatism egotism indecision nihilism paganism anarchism animism aphorism cataclysm holism mannerism television supervision antagonism feminism heroism journalism terrorism activism barbarism cynicism dualism dynamism embolism magnetism pessimism rheumatism anachronism catechism consumerism eroticism paroxysm aneurism chauvinism elitism euphemism exorcism heathenism hedonism legalism nepotism shamanism criticism socialism alcoholism colonialism liberalism mysticism subdivision symbolism altruism federalism formalism humanism naturalism pragmatism unionism cannibalism classicism collectivism fatalism militarism narcissism pacifism paternalism secularism separatism agnosticism astigmatism commercialism corporatism favoritism fetishism hypnotism lyricism mercantilism pauperism plagiarism populism stoicism capitalism metabolism nationalism conservatism despotism pluralism skepticism determinism empiricism fanaticism feudalism parallelism positivism radicalism rationalism relativism scepticism absolutism evangelism protectionism regionalism centralism eclecticism factionalism isolationism ostracism parasitism recidivism revisionism voluntarism imperialism patriotism materialism romanticism postmodernism behaviorism emotionalism expansionism functionalism microorganism monasticism provincialism scholasticism sectarianism professionalism bilingualism hyperthyroidism hypothyroidism republicanism antisemitism egalitarianism traditionalism individualism authoritarianism fundamentalism industrialism internationalism cosmopolitanism existentialism intellectualism sensationalism sentimentalism totalitarianism utilitarianism constitutionalism environmentalism humanitarianism

women written million hidden kitchen fiction chicken linen ribbon ridden bitten diction pigeon villain kitten quicken smitten thicken conviction billion friction piston addiction affliction crimson silken unwritten christian eviction pinion ascription sylvan children opinion religion dominion stricken conscription depiction encryption kinsmen rewritten infliction nonfiction trillion vermilion bouillon description civilian extinction inscription prediction prescription penicillin subscription benediction constriction pavilion interdiction midshipman overridden unchristian underwritten distinction jurisdiction contradiction restriction transcription crucifixion dereliction contradistinction
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