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Here's what rhymes with cluttered.

uttered muttered fluttered buttered shuttered sputtered stuttered uncluttered spluttered untutored

Consider these alternatives

spacious / basis hallway / doorway crammed / land littered / considered cubicle / cubical hallways / always strewn / soon dank / bank crowded / shouted drawers / course decor / for upstairs / self grubby / study

Words that almost rhyme with cluttered

adjured cupboard shuddered suburb

clustered ushered averred covered suffered colored coloured upward hovered mustard mustered buffered upturned custard flustered puckered buzzard hungered lumbered blustered mothered sluggard governed recovered wondered numbered cultured plundered ruptured drunkard smothered thundered blundered slumbered sundered cumbered hunkered poniard structured uncovered punctured unnumbered sunburned dissevered renumbered uncolored discovered outnumbered sculptured encumbered discolored discoloured uncultured ungoverned rediscovered unstructured restructured multicolored multicoloured undiscovered unencumbered
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