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Here's what rhymes with brained.

trained drained reigned rained planed reined gained grained strained chained feigned pained waned arraigned deigned veined obtained remained attained retained ordained stained detained regained untrained pertained profaned explained complained restrained refrained abstained disdained ingrained curtained unfeigned contained maintained sustained ascertained constrained entertained campaigned unstained unexplained unrestrained unconstrained

Consider these alternatives

addle / battle babble / battle ravings / savings zit / it sweetie / treaty demented / prevented devious / previous glob / not lame / same squirts / words

Words that almost rhyme with brained

range aimed blamed plaint change named strange claimed faint paint arrange framed saint famed taint maimed shamed tamed feint flamed ashamed quaint acclaimed renamed rearrange declaimed complaint proclaimed restraint inflamed acquaint reclaimed unnamed disclaimed untamed exchange exclaimed constraint interchange

trade aid laid played raised aged blade praised prayed ranged aide raid blazed plagued raged braid trailed braved preyed railed raved razed made changed failed paid arranged grade saved delayed shade gazed maid sailed waved weighed bade fade hailed parade paved veiled waged arrayed bathed dazed glazed laboured mailed nailed shaved sprayed tailed appraised craved crazed deranged frayed gauged grazed jade jailed phased phrased strayed wade wailed waived allayed bailed caged glade paled splayed straitened tirade upraised afraid decade detailed prevailed stayed betrayed brigade amazed behaved blockade obeyed staged assailed availed decayed degrade depraved enraged evade repaid scaled spade swayed upgrade arcade estranged outweighed pervade rearranged staid brocade buffeted charade defrayed prearranged prepaid regaled remade engaged displayed persuade portrayed unchanged crusade engraved entailed forbade invade surveyed unpaid curtailed dismayed enslaved inhaled modelled barricade dissuade grenade overlaid stockade unveiled impaled palisade conveyed exchanged cascade disobeyed exhaled homemade lemonade promenade renegade unscathed colonnade handmade handmaid housemaid interchanged paraphrased remodelled unafraid underpaid retrograde disengaged masquerade balustrade cannonade cavalcade centigrade
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