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Here's what rhymes with applaud.

broad abroad laud fraud flawed mod sawed baud clawed gnawed thawed jawed pawed defraud overawed

Consider these alternatives

admire / mile commend / went criticize / size congratulate / late cheer / will appreciate / state hesitate / state disappoint / point saluted / included denounce / towns decry / lie rejoice / choice politely / slightly embrace / place detractors / factors loudly / proudly delighted / divided implored / called appreciative / native acknowledge / college laud / thought thank / bank despise / size pleased / least exhorted / imported reiterate / late concur / her greet / feet

Words that almost rhyme with applaud

brought wrought thought sought taught fought fraught naught taut fob sot daub fop begot bethought distraught overwrought methought

lord longed roared wronged logged yawned drawled pronged called board belonged cord poured sword aboard paused ward bald bored chord hauled walled adored appalled crawled dawned ford soared thronged abhorred clogged dogged gourd hoard horde sprawled fjord floored balled bawled cored daubed galled gored mauled pawned pored warred formed toward record afford absorbed prolonged recalled reward stored warned accord award adorned forged scored warmed deplored implored horned mourned spawned stalled untoward gorged scrawled sward corned scald performed ignored restored explored deformed reformed adsorbed overboard scorned stormed catalogued swarmed enthralled overlord preformed unformed informed installed conformed underscored unexplored forewarned overhauled reabsorbed unadorned checkerboard engorged malformed motherboard transformed uniformed uninformed outperformed harpsichord misinformed
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