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Here's what rhymes with adhesive.

cohesive nonadhesive

Consider these alternatives

glue / you caulk / stock waterproof / use glues / whose vinyl / final foam / home gauze / because resins / presence coated / noted polyurethane / main bandage / advantage insulation / information latex / apex gel / well cellophane / main fiberglass / has absorbent / important tape / age surfaces / services remover / user silicone / known laminated / stated plaster / after acetate / state strips / its plasterboard / called

Words that almost rhyme with adhesive

ceases leases nieces seizes fleeces thievish deceases pleases breezes brevis cheeses freezes creases peevish friezes greases teases polices sneezes leashes quiches sleazes surceases releases squeezes unleashes appeases unfreezes exegesis displeases predeceases grandnieces refreezes amniocentesis amniocenteses
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